Why Are People Wearing Rosaries?

Sterling Silver Botswanna Agate and Pink Cat’s Eye Holy Rosary

I was vacationing in Florida last summer where I witnessed many young men wearing rosaries and my daughter also saw a very famous young man in an aging boy band who happened to be performing while wearing a rosary.  I have to say that my first thought was that gang members are now wearing rosaries as a sign of gang affiliation.  I looked it up on the internet and found that it is true that gang members are wearing rosaries as “gang dress.” My knee jerk reaction was “how sad!”

 It upset me that the Holy Rosary is being used in groups known for their violence and corruption!  However, now that I have had time to think about it, I am wondering if the rosary was employed by these young men to protect them??  Participating in a gang is a very dangerous practice.   If a gang member wears a rosary to protect him or her, is that wrong? Of course not! “I am instantly reminded of the boast of St. Louis De Montfort “Let me but place my Rosary around a sinner’s neck…and he will not escape me.”” ( Blogged by Milsande at http://smallcatholic.blogspot.com)  

 It crosses into a gray area when they wear one just to mark themselves as a gang member, but then, I can’t help but think that the wearing of the rosary at the very least reminds others to think about spirituality and all that goes with it.  It reminds us of that other world outside of our everyday existence and maybe, it reminds us to pray when the going gets rough. Who knows? Maybe someday you will read a miracle story about how a person was in a crisis situation and how he had witnessed someone wearing a rosary at the mall one day and the memory of that scene prompted them to pray which then ended in a miracle which saved their lives?  You never know what you did one day to help another!

 So, then I asked myself, what does it mean when we wear a rosary?  I like to believe that the person feels more supported spiritually while they go about their day.  I, myself,  wear a Rosary in public quite often because I am thinking that not only does it remind me of who I am in the world  -  it gives me hope that when people see my rosary they will be reminded to use theirs.

Rosaries are beautiful – wearing them is very tempting – so what I see in my mind’s eye is Mary and Jesus quite eager for us to wear them because we are advertising our belief in them and in some way, it marks us as belonging to them and that’s OK with me!

 ~ Sandra Anderson

About Sandra Anderson

From My Heart Rosaries is a dream I’ve had for several years. I have been making rosaries for about 7 years and it has been a beautiful journey. There was a lot to learn about the many gemstones, crystals, types of pearls, types of chain and wire, and so on and so on. I am still learning more every day! In reality it is my desire to help others in their prayer life so making rosaries was a natural step for me. As a child, to keep me busy while she sewed, my Mom had me stringing buttons to make a necklace that I wore for a few days and then re-strung it to make it different for another day. My Mom passed over twenty years ago, but I still have the antique tin full of buttons that I played with when I was little. I love the idea that rosaries keep you focused on your prayers and that they connect you with Mary and Jesus. When I pray the rosary, my brain becomes quieter and more peaceful and I feel a loving energy around me. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions and to browse through the rosaries that I have completed and are ready for your purchase. I do make custom-ordered rosaries with all the materials and beads that your heart desires. ~ Sandra Anderson
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  1. Sandra what a great blog! As a catholic the rosary has always thought as sacred especially the ones that were blessed by the priest. I also had problems when I first saw people wearing rosaries as jewelry but now after reading your blog I want to believe that these people are wearing them for protection. Keep up the beautiful work.

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